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The Blood Sugar Balancing
30-Day Meal Make-Over Print Edition Package

B4 Be Gone - Blood Sugar Balancing 30-Day Meal Make-Over - Recipe Collection and Menu PlannerHere you’ll find everything you need to create mouth watering nutritious meals that will balance your blood sugar, harmonize your hormones and refuel your gas tank with endless energy. For the first time, you have the opportunity to order print editions of the B4 Be Gone Recipe Collection and Menu Planner from Dr. Ritamarie’s B4 Be Gone Program, designed to guide you to say bye-bye to belly fat, brain fog, burnout, and blood sugar imbalance.

B4 Be Gone Blood Sugar Balancing Recipe Collection B4 Be Gone Recipe Collection

The B4 Be Gone Recipe Collection: Containing over 250 blood sugar friendly recipes, this recipe collection contains juices, smoothies, energy drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dehydrated extras, cooked meals, and dessert ideas — all created with the intention of helping to heal and reset your insulin receptors.


B4 Be Gone Blood Sugar Balancing Menu PlannerB4 Be Gone Menu Planner

The B4 Be Gone Menu Planner: This 80+ page menu planner contains 30 days of menu plans and all the guidance you need to create a personalized approach to your 30-day healing regime. Whether you want to follow a structured day-by-day routine where every meal is already planned for you, or whether you want to craft your own meal plans using the “B4 Be Gone General Menu Plan Guidelines” and templates, you’ll have a set of strategies that will support you through every meal of the day.


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