Important News for anyone struggling with belly fat, brain fog, burnout fatigue or blood sugar imbalances…

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Are You Ready to Live in a Body You Love — with a Flat Belly, Clear Mind, and Enough Energy for Joyful Relationships and a Successful Career?

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - B4 Be GoneDate:
From: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
RE: Powerful Healing Tools Right Under Your Nose

I know how important it is to feel good in your body, feel confident about your appearance, have the energy to be fully present with your loved ones, and make a difference in the world.

I also know how overwhelming health symptoms can feel and how hard it seems to overcome them.

  • Perhaps you’ve been starving yourself or spending long hours at the gym with little or no effect on your expanding waistline.
  • Have you sadly said “NO” to fun filled social invitations because you barely have the energy to make it home and flop on the couch, drained after a hard day of work?
  • Are you struggling with a foggy brain, inability to focus, memory problems, or lack of motivation?
  • Do you find yourself cranky and irritable between meals, hungry all the time (even after a big meal), or ready for a nap after eating?

These seemingly unrelated conditions have a common cause that’s more urgent than you think.

If You’re Experiencing Excess Belly Fat, Brain Fog, Burnout Fatigue or Blood Sugar Fluctuations, You Might Be Suffering From a Serious Metabolic Imbalance Called “Insulin Resistance.”

insulin resistance belly fatInsulin resistance is a common condition that affects millions of people.

You most likely have a blood sugar imbalance if you experience more than one of the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Feeling agitated, jittery, and moody with almost immediate relief once food is eaten
  • Feeling hungry, especially for sweets, after eating a full meal
  • Intestinal bloating
  • Sleepiness after eating a meal, especially after a carbohydrate meal
  • Belly fat
  • Increased or high triglycerides (a type of fat found in your blood)
  • Increased blood pressure
  • High total and LDL cholesterol levels
  • Low HDL cholesterol

The Ugly Truth:
Insulin Resistance Has Serious Health Consequences

Maybe a concern about insulin resistance wasn’t the reason you first decided to visit this page.

  • You may be inspired to reduce your belly fat so your clothes fit better.
  • Maybe you want to eliminate brain fog so you can perform better at work.
  • Perhaps you wish you had energy left over at the end of the day to spend with your loved ones.
  • And, yes, it sure would be nice if your blood sugar would stabilize so you don’t have to eat so often.

hospital roomThe truth is, insulin resistance can lead to deadly conditions including heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. It’s also thought to play a role in conditions like sleep apnea, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), high cholesterol, and chronic inflammation…just to name a few.

What I learnedIf you don’t take action, you — like many of my loved ones — could land in the hospital, struggling for your life.

And many of you already know that I am not one to exaggerate the truth. The truth is much more dramatic than I could ever hope to embellish.

It is my mission to get this critical information out to as many people as humanly possible.

So you see, it’s beyond an elevated cholesterol score, or a pouchy stomach, or the “muffin top” waist.

Yes, you may be here wanting to flatten your belly; however, if a tendency towards insulin resistance is found, your health is in much greater jeopardy. That “muffin top” is the least of your troubles (but can and will be substantially remedied with blood sugar balancing).

While the 4 B’s, Belly fat, Brain fog, Burnout and Blood sugar fluctuations (or B4 for short) may seem like more of a nuisance than a danger, these external markers are potential beacons of more serious internal, metabolic imbalances.

The Brain Fog, the Extra Fat Around Your Middle, and the Exhaustion You’re Feeling Right Now Are Like The Smoke Detector in Your Home
– They’re Early Warning Signs!

What you notice on the OUTSIDE is a RESULT of the metabolic imbalances happening on the INSIDE.

The sad truth is, those symptoms you wish would just go away are merely the tip of the iceberg. The brain fog, the extra fat around your middle, and the exhaustion you’re feeling right now are like the smoke detector in your home — letting you know that something needs to be corrected before a more serious fire breaks out.

face your fears with B4 Be GoneWhile your desire may be to just “make it all go away,” when you do that without correcting the underlying fire, you run the risk of your house burning down.

There are lots of “quick weight loss” programs and “belly fat buster” supplements on the market today. I’ve looked at most of them, and the thing they all have in common is that they focus on symptom relief.

Just like taking a medication that only turns off the symptoms still leaves you at risk of the underlying problem, the same is true for taking a nutritional supplement, no matter how natural.

Blood Sugar Imbalance is a Real Problem that Affects
Real People Like You.

  • exhaustion and burnout fatigueIt ROBS you of the freedom to live the way you want to.
  • It ZAPS the joy from your relationships.
  • It leaves you FUZZY-HEADED and unable to trust your decisions.
  • And it makes you FAT, especially around the middle.

If you fail to change the diet and lifestyle habits that created the problem in the first place, you’re not going to find lasting relief or long-term solutions.

Believe Me, I Know What You’re Going Through.

Today, my energy is through the roof, my memory and focus are sharp and clear, and my belly is lean and toned. I’m healthy, strong, and free of aches and pains.

However, I wasn’t “born this way,” as some people think, and it’s certainly not my genetics.

My oldest living relative is an uncle who’s barely 8 years older than I, and he’s hardly a healthy specimen. Of my 7 still-living siblings, I’m the healthiest and fittest. I’m also the oldest.

I Crashed Hard and Burned Out
Back in My Twenties.

Thirty years ago as an ambitious 20-something year old, I was struck down in my tracks when my lifestyle habits caught up to me.

My brain was so foggy I could barely even see people’s faces, let alone understand what they were saying. It made having meaningful relationships a nightmare.

And my job… I was really good at looking busy and saying the right words, but the truth is, it got to the point where I couldn’t finish projects or make a significant contribution.

I had the belly fat under control though. Every time I gained five pounds, I’d put myself on the latest fad diet and crash it off again in a week. Then I’d start right back on the processed food, sugar, and alcohol until the weight started to come back. Then I’d start the cycle all over again.

And as for burnout — frankly, I didn’t even know I was tired because I had so much frenetic energy. That usually happens when you mainline 4 cups of double strength black tea and 6 cans of diet cola every day. As long as I had my fix, I could keep pushing until bedtime and then crash.

My Wake-up Call Came That Fateful Day in the Gastroenterologist’s Office.

He gave me the good news — the horrific burning pain in my stomach was NOT caused by an ulcer. Whew! Yet, when I asked what it was caused by, he drew a blank.

Could it be my diet?As visions of my repeated binges on ice cream and Pringles danced through my head, grasping, I blurted, “Could it be my diet?”

“Of course not,” was his reply, and that was that.

I was left to my own devices… unless I wanted to take ulcer medication “for the rest of my life” to calm the symptoms. Not likely.

I’d never asked that, “Could it be my diet?” question before, and quite frankly, I’m not quite sure where it came from.

After all, what could diet have to do with headaches, sinus problems, and brain fog?

But when it came to stomach problems, I could actually SEE a relationship! Afterall, the food does pass through there.

My Quest to Find the “Truth.”

I was determined to find the answers; however, even after much searching and experimentation, I hadn’t made much progress.

Every approach seemed to have a piece of the big picture, but there always seemed to be something missing. When I was finally able to put it all together and realized that the solution was so much bigger than the sum of all of its parts, I was able to restore myself to balance and begin to really live my life.Choose forks, not pharmacies!

The key to what changed my health was discovering that the fork is far more powerful than pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures when it comes to chronic health challenges.

I was so excited to have my life back, I made the decision to share my discovery and make the journey easier for others than it was for me.

So I went on to study; experiment; and get degrees and certifications in chiropractic, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition.

And I set out to change the health of the world. But it wasn’t always easy. Sometimes it seemed that the more I learned the more confusing it all became.

The Light Bulb Came On When I Realized
There was Not a “One-Size-Fits-All” Solution.

has your lightbulb come on yet?While many of the basic principles of healing apply to almost everyone, what works best for me won’t necessarily work for you! And what works for Peter does not necessarily work for Paul… or John… or Mary either.

When you take into account your unique bio-chemistry and genetics, you can personalize the general guidelines so they work for YOU.

When you learn to read your body’s signs and signals,
you can address your unique needs and personalize
a program that REALLY WORKS.

And the good news is it’s not that hard.

When you take charge of your own health and apply the five key lifestyle strategies you can restore balance, reverse insulin resistance, and get rid of your belly fat, brain fog, burnout and blood sugar fluctuations for good.

I created a step-by-step system for flattening your flabby belly, focusing your foggy mind, and energizing your tired body that pulls together everything I’ve learned over the past two decades.

You’ll benefit from the thousands of hours I studied and experimented and the tens of thousands of dollars I spent learning to heal myself.

Insulin resistance will no longer threaten your quality of life as you get rid of the belly fat, brain fog, burnout, and blood sugar swings — without starving yourself, without countless hours at the gym, and without sacrificing your health and happiness in the process.

The Results of Testing MY OWN Blood Sugar Shocked Me

blood sugar testingIn testing my own fasting blood sugar on routine blood tests, I have never been found to be pre-diabetic or insulin resistant. My numbers are always in optimal range.

Imagine my surprise to find VERY abnormal results when I started testing my own blood sugar in relationship to what I was eating. In following the B4 Be Gone protocols along with my clients, I discovered that I am extremely sensitive to fruit, especially pineapple, even in small amounts. My “post prandial” blood sugar (aka my “after eating” blood sugar) goes through the roof with even the smallest serving of fruit!

I’ve been eating a whole foods, plant-based diet for over 25 years. I feel great all the time, and I don’t have a trace of belly fat; yet, I have insulin resistance. I also have a family history of heart disease and sudden death without warning! Now that’s a plight I would like to avoid, as I’m sure you would, too.

Hidden, or occult insulin resistance, like I have, is a bigger problem than you might expect. It could be decades before my insulin resistance would be picked up by conventional medical approaches. And for decades, I would have been subjected to the silent damage of excess insulin that you’ll learn about in the B4 Be Gone program.

So I have made a few changes of my own regarding what I eat and the timing of my meals, and I manage to keep my blood sugar in a safe range.

It was a real wake up call to discover I was insulin resistant, even though I do not present as that way on the surface.

“I am over 70 pounds lighter! The reason:
Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo and her B4 Be Gone System.
At our house we call her the miracle worker…”

Beatriz and RitamarieI am Beatriz de Bruna, an MBSR (meditation) instructor, who happens to have lived for 67 years. At this moment it would be difficult to find a happier person than me.

I have always heard that at my age you cannot release weight easily, but I did as Dr. Ritamarie suggested and now I’m over 70 pounds lighter, my blood sugar is normal, whereas it was high before and I’m very happy.

How can I explain that only a year ago I was insulin resistant, had high fasting blood sugar, was taking blood pressure and thyroid medication (which I’d been on since age 13), lived with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Pan-hypopituitarism, had 70 extra pounds on me, and now my doctor, after much testing, gave me a clean bill of health? Not just “better”… all of the above had disappeared! But that is what happened to me.

The reason: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo and her B4 Be Gone System. At our house we call her the miracle worker…

I have chia pudding and blueberries for breakfast, a green smoothie every day, all the veggies I want, and at Dr. Ritamarie’s advice I added sea vegetables. Something else I did: I started taking the supplements that Dr. Ritamarie recommended; I think they were the “kick” my body needed to start releasing weight.

I signed up for the B4 Be Gone program in October 2011. My weight has continued to drop steadily, but I feel that without the continued support of the group and Dr. Ritamarie’s brain to pick, I am not as careful as I would like so the weight loss has slowed down. I plan to do the B4 Be Gone program again so I can shed the last 20 pounds. I find the guidance of Dr. Ritamarie and the support and accountability of a community to be very important in making the lifestyle changes that I need and choose to make. I want those changes to be permanent. Here is where I plan to learn how to do it.

BeatrizBruna-B4BeGone“I am over 70 pounds lighter, I have much more energy, my brain fog is lifting, and my skin looks fantastic!! I have always heard that at my age you cannot release weight easily, but I did as Dr. Ritamarie suggested…”

~ Beatriz de Bruna


I have now lost 110 lbs thanks to following Dr. Ritamarie’s protocols! Thank you, sincerely Dr. Ritamarie for all you do!” (October 2013)

I for one am sick and tired of watching people I care about suffer needlessly and relying on the conventional medical system to save them. It’s simply not going to happen without correcting the underlying imbalances.

If you’d like to double your energy, triple your brain power, quadruple your joy, and cut your belly fat in half, read on to learn more about a powerful new program that’s starting soon.


B4 Be Gone: A Step-by-Step, Fully Guided System to Reduce Your Belly Fat, Recharge Your Energy, Rekindle Your Passion, Restore Your Joy, and Protect You from Disease

Proven Strategies for Balancing Your Blood Sugar
Self-Paced Program

I’ll take you through the steps to balance the 5 key areas — diet, stress, exercise, sleep and TIMING.

It’s not enough to just drink green smoothies or just exercise daily or just get lots of sleep.

The balance among stress, sleep, exercise and diet are key. If one of these key areas is not addressed, you’re unlikely to be successful and you’ll likely continue to suffer with belly fat, in spite of “a good diet” or “regular exercise”.

B4 Be Gone System - Timing is EverythingAnd on top of that, Timing is EVERYTHING.

What I learnedYou can do all the right things, but if it’s out of sync with your bio-rhythms, your belly will stay flabby — no matter how many sit-ups you do or green smoothies you drink.

As a participant in my B4 Be Gone System, I’ll guide you through a 5-step, 30-day process to reset the faulty metabolism that’s sabotaged your past attempts to drop the unwanted pounds and give you the energy of a two year old, the body of an athlete, and the focus of a Nobel prize winner.

While I can’t guarantee you’ll make it to the Olympics or find yourself shaking hands with world leaders as you accept your Nobel Prize, I do know that you can BURN through the belly fat and BREAK FREE from brain fog. You will regain your BLISS once you have the energy, strength, and stamina to truly live your life with passion and purpose.

Within 30 days, most people have lost their cravings and are on their way to a body they love.

If You’re Ready NOW, Click HERE to Register!

“I have lost 38 pounds and I feel like I am 15 years younger.”

Donna-KasuskaI gained 50 pounds since my now 17-year-old son was born. I tried everything, but was still gaining weight. Then Dr. Ritamarie became my coach, and she started me on her B4 Be Gone program — the weight began to melt off.

My cravings disappeared, and I finally started to feel better. My income even increased because of my improved ability to focus.

DonnaKasuska-before-afterAfter the program officially ended, I chose to continue with her coaching and the new habits I had learned because I was getting such dramatic results.

In a total of 10 months, I have lost 38 pounds and I feel like I am 15 years younger. Dr. Ritamarie teaches the real truth about health, and I will always be listening!

~ Donna Kasuska


Here’s a Rundown of What’s Included
in the B4 Be Gone Blood Sugar Balancing Self-Paced Program

In over two decades of guiding people from exhausted to energized, burned out to brilliant, and flabby to fit, I’ve learned that a successful program must offer resources in these 3 categories:

  1. Training and Education about the steps to take and when.
  2. Implementation Tools that can be easily understood.
  3. Support and Accountability to get you through when stubborn old habits rear ugly heads.

B4 Be Gone is the Only Program I Know of That Gives You ALL THREE Critical Elements You Need to Successfully Do What It Takes to HEAL, Not Just Hide, Your Problems.

1. Training and Education

You’ll be given a proven step-by-step plan to follow for a 30-Day Metabolic Reset — and you’ll learn to customize the plan to account for your unique needs. You’ll learn just enough about the inner workings of your body to empower you to stick with the habits that you know will bring balance.

personalized health and training that's right for you

2. Implementation Tools to Simplify New Habits

With menus to follow, recipes and videos to teach you how to make them, fitness videos and planners for movement, rest and de-stress strategies, there’s no more guessing about what to eat, when to exercise, and how much to sleep you’ll need. timer food tape dumbbell

3. Support and Accountability that Goes Above and Beyond

With loving support and guidance every step of the way, you’ll be able to stay on track, even when temptations threaten to sabotage your success. Even with the best of the best tools and training, it’s hard to implement new behaviors and create new habits without support. That’s why I built a strong system of support and accountability into the B4 Be Gone System to accelerate your success.

strong healthy support

I’ll Guide You Step-by-Step Through 5 Metabolism Mending Modules Guaranteed to Protect You From the Dangerous Consequences of Blood Sugar Imbalance and Insulin Resistance!

Just as your body may have broken down in stages, the path to healing is best followed step-by-step along a gradual path. As you master each module, you’ll feel ready and excited about the next step that follows.

B4 Be Gone Module Package

"Getting Started" Pre-Program Bonus ModulePre-Program BONUS Module: Getting Started

Released in stages, we’ll start with an orientation to the B4 members’ website and make sure you’re really clear on how to use the support built into the program. You’ll be encouraged to get in touch with your visions and values so that you become unstoppable. You’ll be introduced to metabolism boosting diet and lifestyle habits to jumpstart fat burning and increase your energy.

Module 1: Mindset, Measurements, and MotionModule 1: Mindset, Measurements, & Motion

Moving your body will help move your old symptoms out the door! You’ll learn how to self-assess and self-monitor your response to foods, activities, thoughts and exposures so you can make choices based on what your body needs. Tools, checklists, tracking forms, and online assessment tools will be introduced.

Module 2:  The Power of Your ForkModule 2: The Power of Your Fork

Second only to your mind, your fork is one of the most powerful tools you have for transforming your body and mending your metabolism. In this module we’ll go over eating guidelines, menu plans, meal timing and specific therapeutic foods and herbs that are just right for you.

Module 3: Harmonizing Your Head and HeartModule 3: Harmonizing Your Head and Heart

In this module we’ll review the effects of stress, limiting beliefs, emotional eating, and your thoughts. You’ll practice powerful tools for aligning your thought with your heart and learn to use the power of appreciation to heal.

Module 4: The Hormones that Dance in Your SleepModule 4: The Hormones that Dance in Your Sleep

There’s a tangle of hormones that must balance and cooperate with each other to get your belly, brain, and energy working properly. You’ll put action steps in place to realign and get them dancing rhythmically together so you feel focused, energetic, lean and ready to take on anything.

Module 5: Timing is EverythingModule 5: Timing is Everything

What you eat in the morning may not do your body good in the evening. From the spacing of your meals, to the coordination of eating with exercise, and how much time elapses between bedtime and eating, there are rhythms that, when followed and optimized, mend your broken metabolism and maximize your vitality.

Post-program BONUS Module: Stepping Into Your FuturePost-program BONUS Module: Stepping Into Your Future

If you’ve followed through with the 30-day plan, you’re likely to be feeling lighter, more energetic, and more focused. And you’re probably wondering, Now what? In this module, you’ll create a plan to take you through the rest of the year and beyond. We’ll create strategies for travel, holidays, celebrations, eating out, and all of life’s little temptations.

The Fully Guided, Self-Paced B4 Be Gone System Is Right For You If:

  • You’re ready to look good, feel good, and be an inspiration to others.
  • You’d like to stop guessing about foods and nutrients and really know what’s right for you.
  • You’ve been starving yourself and doing lots of sit-ups and the belly fat hasn’t budged.
  • Your brain fog and lack of energy are affecting your career, your family, and your relationships.
  • You’d like to have step-by-step diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management plans.
  • You find it hard to follow through on your own and need day-by-day guidance and support.
  • You are excited about having a flat belly, a sharp mind, and unlimited energy — and you’re ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

B4 Be Gone System - Register NOW!

“Since I’ve started the B4 Be Gone program, I have lost 11 pounds, my chronic pain/inflammation levels have decreased almost completely, and my energy is higher than it has been in years! I would highly recommend this program to anyone!”

Sue DukeMy name is Sue, and I’m a 43-year old, stay-at-home mother of 6 children. For the last 10 years my health had been deteriorating, and I have now been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that affects the soft tissues throughout my body. I struggle with pain and chronic fatigue on a daily basis.

I have had to change my lifestyle drastically and have really cleaned up my diet. However, in spite of a very “clean” diet I was not seeing the results I was looking for. Then I started working with Ritamarie!! She has been an amazing resource to me throughout my health journey. The biggest “light bulb” moment for me was when I started the B4 Be Gone program and started testing my blood sugar.

Since I’ve started the B4 Be Gone program, I have lost 11 pounds, my chronic pain/inflammation levels have decreased almost completely, and my energy is higher than it has been in years!! I would highly recommend this program to anyone!! The program has offered a very holistic, well balanced approach to healthy living that “anybody” could benefit from!! Dr. Ritamarie, you have definitely helped me to unlock a major “key” to my health that I didn’t understand before. Thank you so, so much!!

~ Sue Duke

The Full Range of Empowering Tools and Healing Support
Included in the Self-Paced B4 Be Gone System:

Training and Education To Step You Through
a 30-Day Metabolic Reset

You’ll have easy access to all the tools you need as you move through the program with options to personalize your path.

  • B4 Be Gone Module Package5 Training Modules: Consisting of a combination of audio, video, checklists, forms and/or documents, your program will be presented in bite-sized chunks so you can unlock modules as you go and progress at your own pace. The more you understand what’s going on inside your body “under the hood,” the more likely you are to follow through on the suggested action steps.
  • Step-by-Step Lifestyle Protocols: Learn the combination of fitness, diet and nutrition, supplement, glucose testing, emotional support techniques, sleep and hormone optimization strategies, and timing guidelines you need to restore your insulin sensitivity
  • 1 Year Access to the B4 Exclusive Member’s Only Website: You’ll enjoy easy access to all the resources and materials you need to successfully implement the program. You’ll have lots of time to work through the program at your own pace.
  • MP3 Audio Recordings of All Self-Paced Support calls: Available immediately following the self-paced support calls, you can download and listen to any of our Q&A calls at your convenience, as many times as you wish.
  • Transcripts of All Core Training Module calls so you can highlight important action steps and take notes on methods for personalizing your program.

Implementation Tools to Simplify
Putting New Habits into Place

Not knowing what to do or when to do it can overwhelm many to the point that they never begin. You’ll always have clear options and choices available.

  • The B4 Be Gone 30-Day Blood Sugar Balancing Meal Make-Over Digital Package including:
    • B4 Be Gone - Blood Sugar Balancing 30-Day Meal Make-Over - Recipe Collection and Menu PlannerFat Busting, Blood Sugar Balancing Menu Plans (PDF): In this 85-page guide, I’ll outline guidelines for what to eat each day, at each meal. We’ll provide guidance in Module 2 for determining the appropriate number of meals and meal spacing that’s just right for you.
    • Insulin Friendly, Energizing Recipes (PDF): My complete recipe collection contains over 250 blood sugar friendly raw food recipes that you can mix and match in endless combinations. These recipes are delicious and easy to prepare. Cooked food recipe options are also included.
  • B4 Be Gone Checklists & Tracking Tools and Fitness GuideFat Fighting Fitness Guidelines: We’ll start with basic moves that deliver the most fat-burning return for your time. We’ll build a schedule for exercise that delivers maximum blood sugar balancing results.
  • Checklists, Assessments, Tracking Tools, Charts and so much more: Presented in bite-sized fashion throughout the program and available for your reference within the members area, you’ll find all the tools you need to achieve success.

Loving Support and Guidance
Every Step of the Way

Even with the best of the best tools and training, it’s hard to implement new behaviors and create new habits without support. That’s why I built a strong network of community and accountability into the B4 Be Gone System to accelerate your success. While most self-paced programs are shy on support, I’m providing you with 5 months of self-paced support features to get you from the beginning to the end.

  • Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - health coaching - question and answer5 LIVE Vibrant Living Member (VLM) “Office Hours” / Question & Answer Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Dr. Ritamarie: These calls will set and secure your success! You can submit your questions to me ahead of time and listen back for the answer or attend LIVE and interact with me to get feedback on the spot. All calls will be recorded, in case you have to miss any.
  • “Ask the Practitioner” e-Mail Support Q&A Page: Don’t have time to wait for the next LIVE self-paced support call? Ask a question on our page and one of my trained “Insulin Resistance Solution” practitioners will reply to your question within a few days.
  • Motivational and Reminder Messages: Each time you unlock a new module, you’ll receive an e-mail focusing on the most important steps and encouraging points for each module.
  • Interactive Community of Your Peers: You can team up with a buddy, share your success and challenges, and motivate and inspire each other to success. We offer a private practitioner-monitored B4 Be Gone Facebook group where you can make friends, post messages, and upload photos.

B4 Be Gone System - Register NOW!

“This program enabled me to make changes in 30 days that I had not been able to make in 30 years!”

Jan ChamberlainThe B4 Be Gone program empowered me to take back control of my health and my life.

By teaching me how monitor my own blood glucose levels and avoid common allergens, this program enabled me to make changes in 30 days that I had not been able to make in 30 years!

I loved the recipes, the menu planner, and all of the support that Dr. Ritamarie provided. All of her program guidelines were well researched with bibliographies and source documents available for those of us who want to verify all of the information.

JanChamberlain-BeforeAndAfterThanks to B4 Be Gone, I discovered a waistline that I never knew existed! My pant size went from an 11/12 in my 30’s to a 0/1 in my 50’s – all because of the belly fat I released by following the B4 Be Gone principles.

I felt that the B4 Be Gone Program gave me new insights into setting goals and setting up routines that were life-changing. I would recommend the program to everyone who has any ache, pain, or health complaint.

Dr. Ritamarie’s programs are brilliant, easy to follow, and full of information that cannot be found in this concise format anywhere else. Dr. Ritamarie is my hero (heroine)! 🙂

~ Jan Chamberlain

Many people approach lifestyle change by addressing only ONE or two of the components needed for success.

Perhaps in the past you’ve done a great job of changing the food you eat, or perhaps your successful action was to increase your physical activity. Maybe you do a great job of reading and research, but you fall short on the motivation to act.

Inevitably, frustration sets in and derails you when you don’t get the results you were hoping for.

B4 Be Gone Complete Program Package

I know you only have so much time and focus. That’s why all of the features in the B4 Be Gone System work together, in the right sequence, to give you the results and successes that build your confidence and keep you moving forward.

By Now You May Be Thinking,
“This Sounds Great, But Will B4 Be Gone Work For Me?”

Maybe you’ve tried other programs with little success, and you’re wondering, “How is the B4 Be Gone program different?”

First of all, I am 100% committed to you getting results. That’ s why I’ve included live self-paced support calls, so I can guide you every step of the way. Plus you have tons of support through our online Facebook community, and this really helps you get results.

In addition, I guide you to customize the program for your own unique needs via a variety of self-assessment tools to pinpoint where you need help.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are comments participants in my prior B4 Be Gone Program made about their experience:

“B4 and After” Belly Fat, Brain Fog, Burnout, and Blood Sugar Balancing Success Stories

“I am now clear on the path that will support my healing. I have been exploring for some time how to emotionally, physically, and spiritually heal the low energy I felt. This program gave me a very needed structure to follow. I found what I needed to support and motivate me with more ease.

I listened to all the calls and I received so many answers to questions that I had. Every time I asked a question live on the call I received the exact nugget I required to keep moving forward. It was like I got to a place where something made sense for me and that was the exact motivation I needed to make it easy to move on. I observed how Dr. Ritamarie would stay with someone on a live call until they really got something. I felt a immense patience and compassion during those times.”

~ Barbara Fedors

“This program has really allowed me to understand how to test my blood sugar and carb sensitivity. This program was very detailed and packed with valuable information that can be used over and over again. Dr Ritamarie has put together a very thorough program — she is very generous with her time and is very passionate about what she teaches. I would recommend this program to anyone without hesitation.”

~ Mary Didiano

“I have suffered for a very long time with hormonal issues. I have been through several cleanses, metabolic typing, enzymes with chiropractors, alternative doctors, etc. A piece of the puzzle was missing. Even though I thought I was eating clean, this program took me to the next level. I wish I found this program several years ago. I feel so much better. I feel I’m starting a new journey in my life. Dr. Ritamarie, thank you so much.”

~ Leslie Landwehr

How I take care of my health has completely changed since following this program. I lost a whole clothing size in a matter of weeks and I am still losing. I have just begun to try other foods again and have discovered the low-glycemic lifestyle seems to work best for me and since stabilizing my blood sugars I don’t have any food cravings.

~ Charlotte Branca

B4 Be Gone Success Stories

I’m Serious About Making This Experience Truly Amazing, So You’ll Get My B4 Be Gone System AND These Success Ensuring BONUSES to Send Off Your Belly Fat, Brain Fog, and Burnout
– 4 Good!

I’m offering some special incentives for those who are serious about signing up and saying good-bye to internal imbalance.

Bonus #1:
Dr. Ritamarie’s Inspired Health Vision Program

Dr. Ritamarie's Inspired Health Vision SystemThis program is focused on creating the mindset and providing the tools to empower you to consistently make the choices that get results and make lasting changes. Powerfully connect with your core values and create your very own Inspired Health Vision that will propel you into the body and life of your dreams. With your Inspired Health Vision in hand, you’ll break your goals down into easily manageable action steps.

(Value $97.00)

Bonus #2:
Dr. Ritamarie’s Transforming Stress System

Dr. Ritamarie's Transforming Stress SystemThis powerful program includes digital audios, guides, transcripts, and 30 days of daily reminders, including a short audio each day to guide you through your own guided “vacation break.” Discover a process that will work for you in any place at any time. This program alone can powerfully impact your waistline and your energy.

(Value $97.00)

Bonus #3:
Dr. Ritamarie’s Fitness Video Library

Dr. Ritamarie's Fitness Video LibraryGet access to visual video demonstrations of short fitness routines and specific exercises you can include in your daily schedule without a big time commitment.

(Value $37.00)



Bonus #4:
Dr. Ritamarie’s Food Video Library

Dr. Ritamarie's Food Video LibraryGet access to visual video demonstrations of delicious and nutritious meal ideas including

  • Green Foods
  • Insulin Friendly Breads, Crackers, and Chips
  • Quick Meals
  • Nutritional Powerhouse Foods


(Value $37.00)

Now Including a B4 Be Gone SUPER Bonus to
Accelerate Your Success and Support You Even Longer!

The B4 Be Gone Program Comes with
the VITAL Support You Need to Succeed During the Program!
(Non-VITAL Members Only)

As a special super bonus to provide extra support, new clients will receive a 5-month-free STANDARD membership in my VITAL Community (Vibrant Ideas and Tools for Awesome Living).

It’s one thing to give your body the benefit of a 30-day metabolic reset to balance restore your insulin sensitivity and yet another to make permanent change. If you’re not already a VITAL Community member, to provide you with LIVE SUPPORT in implementing your new habits into your daily life, B4 Be Gone offers 5 months of powerful group coaching with me in the VITAL Community.

VITAL Community

Your new VITAL 5-month-free STANDARD membership includes:

  • VITAL Health TopicsAccess to a VITAL Community weekly check-in accountability journal
  • Two opportunities each month to participate in a group “mini-cleanse”
  • Ask the Chef page for expert answers to raw and cooked food questions
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other VITAL members
  • VITAL deeper discount savings on monthly Dr. Ritamarie’s featured products or programs
  • *1 LIVE monthly Health Topic teleseminar on a hot topic with cutting-edge science and natural wisdom support
  • *1 LIVE monthly group Q&A call with Dr. Ritamarie for any of your health questions (An additional opportunity to ask all your B4 program questions on this monthly Q&A call)
  • *1 LIVE monthly Healing Kitchen online recipe show featuring guest chefs and Dr. Ritamarie
  • VITAL Health Topic recording library access to past calls (2 most recent calls)
  • VITAL Q&A recording library access to past calls (2 most recent calls)
  • VITAL Healing Kitchen recording library access to past calls (2 most recent calls)
  • Bonuses including the Creating a Healing Kitchen e-book, the Energy Zappers and Energy Enhancers Guide, the Vibrant Health Resource Library, and access to VITAL Solutions: Dr. Ritamarie’s Nutritional Strategies for Restoring and Maintaining Thyroid Health videos and e-books

* These features are available as long as you maintain your membership.

Value: $125.00

How to Say “Bye-Bye” to Belly Fat, Brain Fog, Burnout, and Blood Sugar Imbalance For Free!

Additional Opportunity: If you upgrade and become a VITAL Community PREMIUM member, you can participate in as many future LIVE B4 Be Gone programs as you wish should there be a future edition.

B4 Be Gone System - Register NOW!

“I loved the caring and attention to detail of anything that might help us — that goes far beyond what you might expect from an online program.”

Bayari Mira BreezeWith Dr. Ritamarie, you feel a gentle hand guiding you, who really knows from the inside, exactly how it is to do this program . Dr. Ritamarie is full of down-to-earth tips and support for how you can make this program work for yourself and bring about your own improved health.

There are people who are eager to share with you their tips and experiences and are eager to hear any of yours and no one will judge you. You don’t feel alone even if you’re living alone or doing this on your own.

I loved the caring and attention to detail of anything that might help us — that goes far beyond what you might expect from an online program.

I loved the little videos – that was what did it for me. I felt ,”Yes, I’m going to try this!” I was so impressed to see the short videos of Dr. Ritamarie showing us how we can do little physical exercises at home and easily build a vibrant way of life into our daily lives. She also explains exactly why each strategy works so we have the motivation to continue.

~ Bayari Mira Breeze

Pick a Month And Start Your B4 Be Gone 30-Day Metabolic Reset!

Start the new year with B4 Be GoneWouldn’t you like to live life differently?

How would it feel if you had control over your hormones (and your emotions), pride in your appearance, joy in your abounding energy, and the confidence that your health in on the right track with the perfect blend of leading-edge science and holistic wisdom?

You’ll have strategies, recipes, knowledge, and connections to people who are just like you and striving to free themselves from the ups and down of blood sugar imbalances. You’ll have time to learn everything you need and to pick the 30-day metabolic reset phase month that works best for you.

Get out of the rut you’re in and choose a light, energy-packing metamorphosis.

And it all begins as soon as you register!

B4 Be Gone System - Register NOW!

If You’re Ready to Be Fit, Focused, and Fabulous So You Can Enjoy Your Life to the Fullest, NOW is the Time to Get Started.

Here’s a recap of what you get with the B4 Be Gone Program:

  • B4 Be Gone Blood Sugar Balancing SystemThe Complete B4 Be Gone System including a bonus pre-program module; 5 blood sugar balancing modules featuring a combination of audios, videos, checklists, PDF transcripts, and forms; and a bonus post-program module to build your success. (Value $497.00)
  • 5 LIVE Vibrant Living Member (VLM) “Office Hours” / Question & Answer Monthly Group Coaching Calls calls that include Mp3 downloads so you can listen to the calls again and again and take notes (Value $247.00)
  • Support via a Dr. Ritamarie-trained “Insulin Resistance Solution” practitioner, our private Facebook group,
    and a 1-year access period to our B4 membership site (Value $197.00)
  • B4BeGone-30DayMealMakeover-PDF.jpgThe 30-Day Blood Sugar Balancing Meal Make-Over digital package containing the B4 Be Gone 85-page 30-day Menu Planner PDF and 250+ recipe, 230-page, Recipe Collection PDF (Value $147.00)
  • You’ll receive blood sugar balancing protocols for fitness, diet and nutrition, supplements, emotional support techniques, sleep and hormone optimization strategies, and timing guidelines (Value $297.00)
  • Bonus #1: Dr. Ritamarie’s Inspired Health Vision System (Value $97.00)
  • Bonus #2: Dr. Ritamarie’s Transforming Stress System (Value $97.00)
  • Bonus #3: Dr. Ritamarie’s Fitness Video Library (Value $37.00)
  • Bonus #4: Dr. Ritamarie’s Food Video Library (Value $37.00)
  • SUPER Bonus: 5-Month STANDARD Membership in Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Community (available for non-VITAL members only) (Value $125.00)

“…I was shocked to find out what I thought was a healthy diet was actually hindering my fat loss efforts.”

Chikako SiebersI am very fortunate to have participated in this program and am so grateful for everything Dr. Ritamarie taught us. Seriously, this program is worth at least $2,000, but she was so generous and dedicated throughout this program.

I had always strugged with my fat loss efforts. I just couldn’t lose fat no matter how much I exercised and reduced my caloric intake. I then believed that I couldn’t lose fat because I was not capable of eliminating my negative thoughts. I thought it was all psychological rather than physiological, and I was disappointed in myself for failing to control my mind. After this program started, I was shocked to find out what I thought was a healthy diet was actually hindering my fat loss efforts. Now I am finally losing fat and my days of frustration are over. Thank you, Dr. Ritamarie.

~ Chikako Siebers

If You’re Wondering If You Can Afford This Program,
There’s Something You Need to Consider:

If you’ve read this far, then you probably have a serious interest in the B4 Be Gone Program as a means of getting the support and guidance you need.

I know times may be tight, and you’re watching every penny. But how much time, money and pain has guessing about your health already cost you?

  • the cost of guessingHow much money have you spent on vitamins, herbs, and superfoods that just don’t work for you?
  • How much time and money have you spent on doctor’s visits trying to find answers?
  • How many books, tapes and courses are sitting on your shelf?
  • How much enjoyment have you lost due to exhaustion?
  • How many promotions at work or opportunities in your business have you lost because of your lack of focus?
  • How much money have you spent on clothes that no longer fit?
  • How much has pain and suffering thwarted your enjoyment of your life?

Besides, there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you’re worrying about the investment.

I’m Guessing You Don’t Have $10 000 to Spend
or You’d Be In Arizona By Now.

B4 Be Gone System: healthy and natural weight loss and energy restorationThere’s a health center in Arizona that offers a program similar to my B4 Be Gone System. It lasts for 21 days and costs close to $10, 000 to attend. Plus, you need to arrange travel and time away from work. It is an amazingly effective program, but after the 21 days, you’re back on your own.

Over the years, my private clients have paid me thousands of dollars to support them through this process one-on-one, but back then I didn’t have the extra support of the Vibrant Living Community and all the B4 Be Gone System resources I’ve now pulled together.

$10,000 for a 3-week program is out of budget for most people and, quite frankly, even a few thousand dollars for one-on-one support is beyond the reach of many.

With my B4 Be Gone System, you’ll have direct access to me on self-paced support calls where you can ask me any questions and get answers. You’ll also have more immediate help from my practitioners-in-training on the “Ask a Practitioner” page and Facebook group for just a fraction of the price.

The regular full price of my B4 Be Gone System is $997 — that’s only 10% of what you’d need to spend to attend a 21-day private retreat, and you’ll have a complete YEAR of access and 5 months of support! And, to make things easier, you can opt for my easy monthly payment plan.

If you’re fed up with belly fat, brain fog, burnout, and blood sugar swings — B4 — and you’re ready to step intoAFTER” as fit, focused and feeling fabulous, click on the link below and let’s get started.

B4 Be Gone System - Register NOW!

Once you register, you’ll be given access to the membership site,
where you can get started RIGHT AWAY.

It’s Never Going to Get Any Easier Than This.

  • How much longer are you willing to endure the regret of not looking, feeling or performing as you know you could?
  • How much more are you willing to let your confidence, relationships, and success suffer?
  • When is better than NOW to step into your full potential, deliver your message, and live your life with passion and purpose?
  • How many more lives can you enrich when you’re coming from a place of confidence and joy?

Add to Cart and Register NOW!

“I honestly wish that Dr. Ritamarie’s B4 Be Gone program could be taught to every family in America.”

Darlene DolezalDr. Ritamarie does not hold back!

She is a wealth of cutting edge information and she shares EVERYTHING she’s got. You will feel like the price of her program is absolutely worth every penny you spend. The B4 Be Gone program is priceless! Because I have a fairly healthy diet, I thought I was doing everything I could, but the B4 Be Gone program helped me lose a few pounds, feel better, and sleep better (the improved sleep was so important for me)! I was amazed to learn and “measure” how MY body works.

I honestly wish that Dr. Ritamarie’s B4 Be Gone program could be taught to every family in America.

~ Darlene Dolezal

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You should know that you’re taking absolutely no risk because your investment is backed by my personal 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Immerse yourself in our “Getting Started” Module and Module 1 of the program and make sure it’s exactly what you need. You have 30 days to explore the “Getting Started” Module and Module 1. You can view, use, and download any of the available program materials from those two modules. If you like what you see and want to continue, just unlock Module 2 and you will be committed to the program.

I am 100% confident that after you truly apply the powerful starting strategies and tools in the B4 Be Gone System you will be on track to creating the body of your dreams. If the “B4” isn’t everything you were expecting and more, simply contact me and explain the difficulties you’re having and how you’ve been doing your best to implement the protocols. I’ll personally evaluate your situation. If we can’t make the program work for you, you’ll be promptly refunded 100% of your investment, BUT, please agree to give the strategies a fair trial.

Satisfaction GuaranteeYou have nothing to lose but your belly fat, brain fog, and exhaustion; and you have the whole rest of your delicious, fun-filled life to gain.

Are you finally ready to get your life back?

“If You’re Prepared to Change Your Life…
It’s the BEST Thing to Do!” ~ Mary Wolfe


~ Mary Wolf, MS

Neuroscientist, Utah

No-Risk Reservation Form

Yes Dr. Ritamarie, I’m Ready!

In fact, I’m more than ready to Join the B4 Be Gone Self-Paced Program and get ALL these powerful, empowering tools to reset my metabolism and live my life in a body that feels good, looks good, and out performs any level of vitality I ever dreamed of.

When I join the B4 Be Gone Self-Paced Program, I know I will receive:

  1. B4 Be Gone Blood Sugar Balancing SystemThe Complete B4 Be Gone System including a bonus pre-program module; 5 blood sugar balancing modules featuring a combination of audios, videos, checklists, PDF transcripts, and forms; and a bonus post-program module to build your success. (Value $497.00)
  2. 5 LIVE Vibrant Living Member (VLM) “Office Hours” / Question & Answer Monthly Group Coaching Calls that include Mp3 downloads so I can listen to the calls again and again and take notes (Value $247.00)
  3. Support via a Dr. Ritamarie-trained “Insulin Resistance Solution” practitioner, the private Facebook group,
    and a 1-year access period to the B4 membership site (Value $197.00)
  4. B4BeGone-30DayMealMakeover-PDFThe 30-Day Blood Sugar Balancing Meal Make-Over digital package containing the B4 Be Gone 85-page 30-day Menu Planner PDF and 250+ recipe, 230-page, Recipe Collection PDF (Value $147.00)
  5. I’ll receive blood sugar balancing protocols for fitness, diet and nutrition, supplements, emotional support techniques, sleep and hormone optimization strategies, and timing guidelines (Value $297.00)
  6. Bonus #1: Dr. Ritamarie’s Inspired Health Vision System (Value $97.00)
  7. Bonus #2: Dr. Ritamarie’s Transforming Stress System (Value $97.00)
  8. Bonus #3: Dr. Ritamarie’s Fitness Video Library (Value $37.00)
  9. Bonus #4: Dr. Ritamarie’s Food Video Library (Value $37.00)
  10. SUPER Bonus: 5-Month STANDARD Membership in Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Community (available for non-VITAL members only) (Value $125.00)

I understand that I’m investing in Dr. Ritamarie’s B4 Be Gone Self-Paced System with NO RISK because it comes with Dr Ritamarie’s personal full money back guarantee as long as I act before 30 days OR unlocking Module 2.

Today Only: $227
Plus 4 Additional Payments of $227!
(or Pay $997 in Full and SAVE)

My Belly Fat, Brain Fog, Burnout and Blood Sugar Imbalance Are Outta Here, Adios, and GONE FOR GOOD!

B4 Be Gone Program - Bye-Bye Belly Fat, Brain Fog, and BurnoutIt’s time for me to take a stand and realize:

  • It’s not normal to have to hide my tummy!
  • I’m never going to have to buy baggy shirts and looser belts again!
  • It’s not okay to lose my train of thought or be forgetful.
  • I’m going to LOVE feeling sharp, focused, and clear!
  • I shouldn’t have to drag myself through another day because…

There’s Passion and Purpose Within Me…

I understand that the B4 Be Gone Program comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, after having tried the program as directed, and after I have had a 30-day period to explore the “Getting Started” Module and Module 1, if I am unhappy for any reason, all I need to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] before unlocking Module 2 to get a full refund.

Today Only: $227
Plus 4 Additional Payments of $227!
(or Pay $997 in Full and SAVE)

I look forward to welcoming you, getting to know you on the self-paced support calls, and watching your transformation!

Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo: Hormone Expert




Dr. Ritamarie

Today Only: $227
Plus 4 Additional Payments of $227!
(or Pay $997 in Full and SAVE)

Register NOW to say Bye-Bye to Belly Fat, Brain Fog and Burnout for Good!