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From the desk of Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MC, DC, CCN, DACBN

August 2015 Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - About

Dear Friend,

Does this sound like you?

  • You have chronic pain. Your stomach cramps can be tiresome, and your joints and muscles ache all the time.
  • You’re exhausted. You struggle to drag yourself out of bed each morning, and by the time 2 or 3 p.m. rolls around, you’re in desperate need of a pick-me-up.
  • You can’t think straight and feel like you’re in a fog! You find yourself forgetting appointments, errands, or items on your grocery list.
  • Your mood swings are exasperating, and you’re tired of snapping at your loved ones and co-workers.
  • You’re tired of needing larger pants at night, and you wish your belly could be flat and comfortable all day long.
  • You experience embarrassing symptoms, such as bloating, gas, and skin breakouts.

unhappy beautiful woman keeping a diet and eating vegetables

Bottom line: You don’t feel like yourself, or you don’t feel as good as you wish you did.

Perhaps you’ve spent tons of money to figure out what’s “wrong” with you and trying to “fix” it with herbs and medications, but to no avail. You can’t get a diagnosis, and you’re frustrated.

If you often feel exhausted after meals, even though you’re eating what’s considered a “healthy” diet, or you’re not sure why certain “healthy” foods don’t seem to agree with you, you are not alone.

Here’s the thing…

New research shows: your digestive health impacts your energy and your whole body.

Even if you’re not experiencing obvious gut-related symptoms, imbalances in your gut can still result in poor physical and mental health.

“If Your Gut Isn’t Happy, You’re Not Healthy!”

About 90 to 95 percent of the fibers running between the brain and the gut are sending messages to the brain (not the other way around!), according to an article in The Telegraph. And a lot of the information the gut sends to the brain affects your well-being.

Gut Brain ConnectionAlso, 90 to 95 percent of your serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical, is actually found in your gut. Serotonin is the chemical involved with happiness, sex, sleeping, and eating (essentially, just about everything that makes life worthwhile).


So what if something in your gut is troubling you?

Well, first of all, understand that your gut is constantly sending messages to your consciousness.

Therefore, imbalances in your gut may make you depressed, forgetful, and unable to sleep well (yes, even if you don’t notice any gut-related symptoms).

Furthermore, the health of your gut and the efficiency of your digestion play huge roles in your overall health and in your natural immunity to diseases.

When the balance of microorganisms in your gut is out of whack and the “bad bacteria” proliferate, these bad bacteria produce toxins, which can weaken your immune response.

So, it’s possible to eat a nutrient-rich diet of real foods and still be nutrient deficient because of poor digestive health.

balanceNew research suggests that each person’s internal ecosystem of friendly bacteria is unique and can influence your neurology and mental states, including the development of your brain during infancy. Plus, the microflora in the gut cause changes in the expression of genes that control brain and neurological function.

Pre-clinical studies have shown that higher levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut can reduce anxiety, depression, neurotic behavior, and even combat the effects of stress!

What does all this mean for you?

It means, quite simply, that if you’re not feeling your best … and you’re not functioning at your best … these problems might be because of poor digestive health (even if you don’t realize it).

So …

Gut-Brain-Connection-depression-high-blood-pressure-atherosclerosis-autoimmune-disordersIf you’re just plain too tired to have fun with your friends and family, even when you’re not irritable…

If you feel uncomfortable, whether it’s because of bloating and painful cramps in your abdomen or because your pants are too tight in the evenings…

If you’re less productive at work, and you’re not functioning at your best…

And if even though you think you’re eating a healthy diet, you’re often exhausted after meals

…you are not alone!

A 2013 survey showed 74 percent of Americans are living with GI discomfort, and the American Nutrition Association states that more than 70 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from digestive issues every single day.

Now, for some good news:
you have more control than you may realize.

The key to balancing your gut is eating the right foods
for your unique digestion.


Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MC, DC, CCN, DACBNLet me introduce myself: I’m Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MC, DC, CCN, DACBN, and I specialize in nutrition and women’s health: specifically, nutritional endocrinology — which means I get to the root cause of issues caused by problems with hormones, using leading-edge science, with a focus on the role of nutrition in hormone production. I’m a best-selling author and speaker on the topic, and I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic with certification in acupuncture and clinical nutrition. I’m a diplomat of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and a certified HeartMath™ instructor.

My journey to this place began with my own health problems in my 20s. I was an overachiever dedicated to doing and having “it all.” I worked long hours and played hard. I drank caffeine and ate sugary snacks to fuel the crazy energy level my activities required.

I got really sick — sinus problems, chronic fatigue, headaches, and digestive issues — and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

So I took the bull by the horns and researched, dug in, investigated, questioned, read, and assessed until, when I asked the right questions and looked in the right places, I began to see predictable patterns.

I became a “master health detective” of sorts.

That determination paid off for me, and later for my clients and practice.

I developed strategies to help me solve even the toughest cases, to break through deep fear and doubt, and to create a thriving practice, as the go-to expert in the field.

The mission to which I’m fiercely committed to is to end needless, preventable suffering due to poor health.

If you’re committed to finally getting to the root cause of digestive difficulty,
rather than just simply applying a band-aid solution,
then allow me to guide you through my Happy Belly System.

Join me for my Gut Repair and Alkalizing Nutrition for Digestion (GRAND) Program and transform your digestive health for more energy, clarity, and a flat, comfortable belly.


As a result of participating, you’ll:


Look forward to eating instead of dreading it.
Feel energized after eating and throughout the day.
Experience a sense of calmness and clarity.
Enjoy better moods and improved relationships.
Focus and perform better at work.
Eliminate embarrassing sounds and odors from “down there.”
Feel confident that you know exactly what to eat.

“Pollution in our world and toxins in our food supply are wreaking havoc on our guts. In fact, most of us are walking around with seriously compromised digestive tracts. Dr. Ritamarie’s work can change all that. She’ll hold your hand, walk you through the steps you can take to heal your gut, and help you to heal your life.

OrangeArrow Ocean Robbins CEO, The Food Revolution Network

Here’s a taste of what you learn:


Discover the Healing Power of Your Second Brain

The Second Brain This is a broad overview of how your digestive system – also known as “the second brain” – works. Once you gain an understanding of how everything fits together, you can begin to put a healing regimen in place.

You’ll learn:

  • How to assess the function of your digestive tract, and why it’s critical to do so even if you don’t think you’re experiencing any digestive issues.
  • The 4R process for healing your digestion: what it is and how to use it.
  • The simple, at-home method to measure how effective your digestive system is… without drawing blood, enduring a colonoscopy, or a sending in a poop sample!
  • And more…

Optimize Your Fuel Generator for Maximum Energy

Gut Brain Connection - assimilate
The upper part of your digestive track breaks down your food into usable nutrients that supply fuel to your cells. We’re taking a tour of your digestion from top to bottom! We begin with your mind and then move onto the health of your mouth and stomach.

You’ll learn:

  • The intimate dance between your gut and your brain, and what you can do to maintain a healthy balance between the two.
  • A simple trick for making sure the important beginnings of digestion that occur in your stomach and duodenum start out smoothly.
  • The #1 secret for optimizing your nutrition naturally, so you don’t need to take a whole bunch of supplements to provide your cells with fuel.
  • How to heal your stomach so you optimize the breakdown of foods into nutrients to fuel your cells and maximize your energy (remember, you can eat all the healthy food you want and still lack nutrition, if your body isn’t digesting the nutrients properly).
  • And more…

Boost Your Nutrient Absorption to Feel Amazing

Gut Brain Connection - absorb

Here you’ll discover whether you may have leaky gut syndrome (in technical terms, increased “intestinal permeability”), where the mucosal barrier in your intestine breaks down and can allow food particles and germs to pass into your blood.

Leaky gut syndrome can cause bloating, gas, abdominal pain, vaginal infections, food allergies, asthma, and mood swings. Leaky gut can put you at risk for serious conditions, such as migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, and autoimmune diseases like Lupus, Crohn’s, and Hashimoto’s.

You’ll learn:

  • How to determine whether or not your gut is “leaky” and exactly what that means to you.
  • How to soothe and heal your digestive tract lining and boost your absorption of the key nutrients needed for optimal energy and mental clarity.
  • Which common, everyday foods may be toxic to your digestive system, and what to eat instead to optimize healing and nutrient absorption.
  • And more…

“I have been trying to work on my leaky gut for over a year and could never seem to get myself organized enough to do the work. When I started this program with Dr. Ritamarie, everything clicked. I found the program very informative and laid out in a format that made the recommendations very easy to follow. I finally was able to heal my digestion and get rid of my bloating, stomach pains, and digestive upset. I have also lost 10 pounds. Very excited.”

OrangeArrow Patty Repko, CHHC, AADP Executive Chef, Health Coach

Break Free of Your Gut Bugs

This is where the action happens! It’s time to take everything you’ve learned to the next level and put it into practice so you can stop the war in your gut and feel good again.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify the villains that are poking holes in your gut lining and keeping you feeling bloated, tired, and moody.
  • Advanced implementation strategies for a 30-day intestinal repair protocol to kick-start your digestive tract into balance.
  • How to personalize your program if the general gut-healing protocols are not working as well as expected, including a plant-based adaptation of the popular Specific Carbohydrate and FODMAPS food plans.
  • How to annihilate YOUR specific villains, if you determine you have SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), candidiasis, or parasites.
  • And more…

Boost Elimination and Get Rid of Toxins

Elimination is absolutely critical in a healthy digestive system. If you don’t eliminate waste on a regular basis, your body may reabsorb the toxins it’s trying to get rid of and hold on to extra fat to buffer your vital organs from damage. Therefore, it’s essential that you give your body everything it needs to eliminate these toxins properly.

You’ll learn:

  • The real reason your elimination gets sluggish and what to do to ensure it’s working smoothly, so you feel lighter, stronger, and have more time and energy for the fun things in life.
  • Cutting-edge strategies for effectively removing toxins, so your gut can heal and your energy can soar.
  • How to optimize liver detoxification pathways, so you can shed unwanted fat and maximize your brainpower.
  • And more…


In short…you’ll learn exactly how to get to the root cause of your health challenges and live the life you crave!

Finally, you can have more energy, clarity, and happiness!

It’s a lot to cover, I know. And that’s why you can rest assured that I’ll be your partner on this journey, every step of the way.

So here’s how we’re going to do this… together!

“I started noticing my digestive issues in my mid 20’s. The doctors never figured out what was wrong. I’ve had ultrasounds, CT scans, etc., and the results of these tests never indicated any visible problem. I continued most of my adult life with bloating, feeling so full after several bites of food, diarrhea, constipation, and gas. Until I learned of Dr. Ritamarie’s program, I believed there were answers to my digestive problems, but just hadn’t uncovered the information. Upon reading about this program, I knew instantly the answers had just been revealed. I signed up for the GRAND program to hopefully help myself and clients.

Upon taking the digestive assessment, I realized there were many areas within my digestive system that appeared to be “broken”. Once I began following the protocols, the bloating and diarrhea went away. I started experiencing 2 – 3 bowel movements per day. Gas disappeared. Unfortunately I still fall prey to cravings, which means I do experience some or all of these symptoms when I am eating something I shouldn’t. Just like Dr. Ritamarie has suggested, you have to start all over in many cases if one returns to some or all of those bad habits, she was absolutely correct.

I have so much knowledge thanks to Dr. Ritamarie. I am currently working harder today to sustain the protocols that keep the digestive symptoms at bay. I have also begun to share this information with clients, favorite part!! Thank you for all that you do, my life is definitely so much richer and healthier.

OrangeArrow Heidi Schafer
Nutritional Consultant with H3 Organics, www.h3organics.com

When you enroll in GRAND, you receive:



5 Content Modules

Get guidance and instruction for taking charge of your digestive process. Each module contains video, audio, digital versions of the slides, and full transcripts, so you can learn in the most convenient and effective method that is right for you.


2 Additional Modules

Find out exactly how to get started and how to pull everything together through the preparation and summary modules. Feel confident you’re prepared to learn and implement this new information, so you can begin experiencing results quickly.


5 LIVE Coaching Calls

Get your questions answered and get the coaching you need from Dr. Ritamarie to personalize the program to meet your specific needs.


A Program Action Guide

Know exactly what to do with a step-by-step action and implementation plan. Receive additional support from Dr. Ritamarie and her team of coaches through each of the helpful module progress journals.


A Gut Healing Recipe Guide

The digital recipe guide e-book includes over 100 pages of delicious, easy-to-make, gut-friendly, plant-based recipes. Mix and match recipes to make endless meal combinations.


Facebook Group

You have the option to join our private, members-only Facebook group for community support and interaction with our coaches and other members.

And to ensure your experience is as valuable
as possible, I’m also adding in
the following 6 bonuses:



Two Months FREE Access to our VITAL Health Community

You’ll get access to monthly online resources including a live food preparation class, an informative and empowering health topic webinar, an open forum Q&A coaching call with Dr. Ritamarie, and access to our active, VITAL Community Facebook Group.

(Value $49.94)


Dr. Ritamarie’s
30-Day Transforming Stress System

Transform stress into resourcefulness and achieve optimal hormone balance by accessing a 30-day series of short, guided audios that can take you on a restorative “mini-vacation” in as little as 1 minute.

(Value $97)


Dr. Ritamarie’s
Food Preparation
Video Library

Food Video Library
These online videos contain actual demos of healthy and delicious foods to support you as you participate in the program.

(Value $97)


The Vibrant Living:
Creating a Healing Kitchen Guide e-Book

Creating a Healing Kitchen

This digital e-book is a compilation of foods, supplements, and equipment that are Dr. Ritamarie-approved (and personally used in many cases) that you can use to access clean, organic, and reliable foods and nutrients.

(Value $27)


“Eating Better, Spending Less: A Special Report from John Robbins”

You’ll receive a collection outlining 22 principles of inexpensive and healthy eating; these are strategies that can save you money and improve the quality of your life and health.

(Value $37)


“Advanced Techniques for Boosting Energy Through the Microbiome”

Steph Jackson
Join Steph Jackson, founder of the Core Reset Program, and Dr. Ritamarie for an interactive, action-oriented webinar, where we will discuss how imbalanced flora can affect your immune system, hormones, and energy. Learn which flora have been shown to have specific energy-boosting effects.

(Value $97)

The entire program is designed to guide you step-by-step through removing the obstacles to sound digestion, so you can experience the joy and energy of your mind and body in optimal states of health.

I have a feeling that while you’re thinking that all this sounds good, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you.

First of all, I’d love for you to consider this an investment rather than a cost. My goal with this program is to guide and support you in discovering exactly why you’re not feeling as energetic, vibrant, and joyful as you’d like to … so you can begin restoring balance through nutrition.

That being said, I believe this experience is invaluable.


How much is it worth to you to feel more energetic,
more joyful, and more clear and focused?

Is it worth $2,500? $5,000?

That’s about what it would cost you to get 2 months of private coaching with me to take you through this gut revitalization process. And right now, I am completely booked with private clients for the next year.

Because I want to help as many people as possible to experience the health improvements that well-balanced digestion brings, and I believe it’s critically important that you receive this information and support, I’m offering the entire program for a fraction of that.

For a limited time, the investment in GRAND is just $497. That’s just a fraction of what you’d have to invest to get supported through such a thorough and comprehensive digestive repair process.

And to make it even easier for you to say YES to yourself, and YES to living in a comfortable body, fitting into your clothes again, and experiencing energy and joy, when you enroll in GRAND now, you’ll save an additional $200 and pay Early Bird pricing of just $297.

And for a very limited time, we’re offering the option to get started with just an $89 deposit, followed by 3 payments of $89.

And you make this investment at no risk because you’re covered by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. (Details are below.)


“I have always known way more about my body and its health requirements than any doctor or any of my peers. And it is because of that, that I am so impressed by Dr. Ritamarie! She has taught me way more than I ever knew and she made it so easy to understand. I am finally seeing improvements which have eluded me for decades. My only regret is that I didn’t discover her programs sooner. I will forever be grateful for the huge health gains I am experiencing in my digestion and food allergies. Thank you Dr. Ritamarie!

OrangeArrow Veronica Monet www.TheShameFreeZone.com

So are you ready? Or do you have questions?

Below, I’ve included some of the questions I hear most frequently, and their answers, to help you decide whether GRAND is a good match for you.

Q: Why is this course worth it?

A: You’ve probably heard the old saying about the importance of teaching someone how to fish (or grow carrots) rather than just giving him the actual fish (or carrots). During this course, I teach you how to fish (or garden!). I give you the tools you need to restore balance to your gut and the other aspects of your health, and to maintain that balance. This isn’t a Band-Aid; it’s a long-term plan. I am confident that you’ll experience the value of this program many times over while you’re enjoying new levels of energy and vitality!

How much more will you spend on doctors who treat the symptom but never quite get to the cause?

How much more will you spend on the latest supplements and miracle foods, only to find that they don’t work for you? How much is improving your relationships and having more fun worth to you?

The investment is small compared to the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours you’re likely to have spent, or will continue to spend, if you don’t address this issue NOW.

Q: What if I’m too busy?

A: Once you learn and implement what I share in GRAND, I have a feeling you’re going to be so much more efficient. You’ll save tons of time on trying to figure out why you don’t feel well, and you’ll perform your daily activities with renewed energy.

Q: How will this affect my diet and family?

A: Great question. The good news is that once you know which foods are helpful (and which are harmful), you can make your choices around them. Most restaurants offer suitable choices. Remember, I’m giving you more than 100 recipes, and I believe they’re all as delicious as they are healthy. I have a feeling you’re going to be hearing requests for your family’s favorite dishes!

Q: Can I really do this?

A: The gut is very complicated … but I’ve been teaching for more than 20 years, and I have distilled the teachings down into bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand and implement. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get answers on our coaching calls and in our VITAL Community and Facebook group, as well. My trained coaches and I are there regularly to answer questions.

Q: Will this work for me?

A: Yes. Right now, all this new information may seem complicated. But a growing body of scientific research is showing that the gut plays a huge part in our mental and physical health … so you may be surprised at how well it works for you because you’ll know how to discover the root cause of your symptoms and begin restoring that delicate balance that leads to better health. You will be guided to personalize the program to your unique needs and we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

So now are you ready?


Yes, Dr. Ritamarie!

I’m ready for GRAND!

I understand that for my investment of $497

$297 (payable in 4 installments of $89, if I wish), I receive:

Gut Repair and Alkalizing Nutrition for Digestion (GRAND) Program - Happy Belly System

  • 5 Core Content Training Modules, each with step-by-step guidance to restore balanced digestive function, in the form of video, audio, and digital versions of the slides, printable versions of the slides, and full transcripts.

  • 2 Additional Modules, one preparation module and one summary module.
  • A Comprehensive Program Action Guide, a compilation of module action steps for all phases of the program.
  • Progress Journals to fill out and get additional support from Dr. Ritamarie and her team of coaches.
  • 5 Live Coaching Calls with Dr. Ritamarie to get your questions answered and to get guidance in personalizing the program to meet your specific needs.
  • A Recipe Guide, which includes more than 100 pages of delicious, easy-to-make, gut-friendly recipes.
  • A Whole Host of Additional Resources including my Gut Rejuvenator Recipe, a list of healing foods, a list of healing regimes, a list of nutrition and herbs for the stomach and digestion, and more.
  • A Private, Members-Only Facebook Group where you can get supported and be part of a community of like-minded people.

And I also receive the following 6 bonuses:

Bonus 1: 2-Months FREE Access to the VITAL Health Community

Bonus 2: The Transforming Stress System

Bonus 3: Dr. Ritamarie’s Food Preparation Video Library

Bonus 4: Creating a Healing Kitchen Guide e-Book

Bonus 5: “Eating Better, Spending Less: A Special Report from John Robbins” e-Book by John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America

Bonus 6: “Advanced Techniques for Boosting Energy through the Microbiome” Webinar with Steph Jackson and Dr. Ritamarie

And I understand that I make this investment at no risk because I’m covered by your personal Satisfaction Guarantee.


Thank you for your interest!

Registration is currently closed…

…BUT just add your email address below to be notified when the cart reopens!


GRAND Coaching Program 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

You make this investment at no risk because you’re covered by my personal Satisfaction Guarantee.

I am so confident that if you apply the information in this program and if you give the strategies an honest effort, you’ll see huge results in your life. So I’d like you to spend the next month learning and applying the tools we’re sharing. Complete the modules delivered during the first month, come to the live coaching calls and ask for help, and fill out the progress journals at the end of each module.

If at the end of that month, you don’t feel that the program is for you, I ask that you fill out our refund request form and send it to us along with your module progress journal entries, and I’ll make every attempt to help you succeed. If we both agree that this program is not for you, I’ll issue you a prompt refund. I must receive your refund request form and progress journal entries within 30 days from the date of your purchase.

If you’re ready to feel great again, then this is your moment!

I sincerely hope that if this program and its contents speak to you, you will take action for your health, for your life, and for YOU.

Optimum health and a great life experience are your choice!

Wishing you Love, Health, and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo




Dr. Ritamarie

P.S. More and more, scientific research proves that the health of your gut plays a huge role and has a great impact on your overall health. So if you’ve been feeling “off” … with low energy, difficulty focusing, or irritability … then now is the time to restore balance to your gut and your life!