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SPECIAL INVITATION: Does solving the tough cases in your practice scare you? 

You know what I mean – the client who’s been to multiple practitioners, has what is taught as a  “healthy diet” in place, and exercises; yet, still has problems with excess belly fat, brain fog, and fatigue?

These cases used to scare me too, until I discovered something that is at the heart of a large percentage of them – blood sugar imbalances and insulin resistance.

glucose testing blood sugarBlood sugar imbalance and insulin resistance are huge problems of almost epidemic proportion. The outward signs can range all the way from mild to severe, including excess belly fat, food cravings, mild fatigue and irritability, inability to focus, adrenal exhaustion, and severe depression.

The inward changes can be devastating and often go undetected in the early stages, until sometimes it’s too late. Heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are serious consequences of chronic insulin resistance.

What I learnedThe harsh reality of the situation is that by the time a serious diagnosis of a condition like diabetes diagnosis is made, there is already so much damage, sometimes irreparable, to the peripheral nerves, blood vessels and retina.

You could be the hero if you could coach your clients early on in preventing diabetes and other serious health problems.

IRSPT Miracle WorkerThe great news is that you can learn to detect insulin resistance and pre-insulin resistance and save your clients years of anguish and potentially add decades to their lives by learning to detect early warning signs and systematically restore balance.

As a health and wellness provider, you’ll be coming into contact with insulin resistant clients all the time.

My revolutionary Insulin Resistance Solution Practitioner Training is open for registration.  And I would like you to access the very first call to check it out.

In This Free Class You’ll Learn:

  • What is insulin resistance and how does it develop?
  • How to detect insulin resistance in your clients years before conventional medicine would catch it
  • The long term consequences of unmanaged insulin resistance
  • The 3 most important early screening tests for insulin resistance
  • The 5 most important steps to restoring insulin and blood sugar balance
  • The 5 most important nutrients to balance to restore insulin receptors

Insulin resistance is sometimes difficult to pinpoint, without the right tools.

Lesley Robbins - IRSPT “I am finishing my course in nutrition and know I have learned a lot. However, the information I learned is compartmentalized whereas Dr. Ritamarie’s course showed how to put things together, break them down in bite-size action steps, and present it to my clients in an easy, simple, yet very complete format.

Also, I feel like I have learned way more in this course than in the two years I have been studying. My nutrition course was only theoretical. Dr. Ritamarie’s course was not only huge on content, but had a lot of practical content as well.”
~ Lesley Robin, Health Coach

Judith Hasselblad - IRSPT“Dr. Ritamarie has an amazing depth of knowledge, strategies, and the ability to make things crystal clear — and she is so inspiring!!

The most valuable benefit of IRSPT for me was coming to terms with my own insulin resistance — I was in huge denial — and how acutely aware I am of how my clients need this work too. I really didn’t see that before.

Dr. Ritamarie is the best healer and teacher I know.   I feel blessed to have found her.”

~ Judith Hasselblad, MS, Inner Wisdom Weight & Wellness Coach

I can’t wait to give you a peek inside my Health Practitioner Only training.

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  1. 7 years ago

    Would love to have gotten a little more advance notice, but did get email in time to catch some of the call. Really loved what I heard. I am a breast cancer survivor who has done a lot of study to learn nutritional info that can help me never go down that path again. I also promote products that made radical changes in my blood work when recovering & consider myself a very engaged functional health student. (currently taking your adrenal course)

    How do I replay?
    How do I find this course online to get particulars: cost? length of course? course description? to be able to evaluate if this course makes sense for me now, later, or there is some other path I could take managing this issue with my own health? I am definitely drifting into this if not already there…

  2. Starlin
    7 years ago

    I will be on my Team Accountability Meeting tonight, so I will not be able to attend live. I will listen to the recording.
    I am exploring ways of becoming a practitioner, so this information will be invaluable to me.

  3. Monika Marcela Lazo
    7 years ago

    Thank you for accepting my invite today, for more reasons than I can say….one I will benefit from your First Class tomorrow…:))

  4. 7 years ago

    Hi Dr. Ritamarie, I am really looking forward to tuning in – unfortunately I will have to listen to the recording and not the live call due to living in time zone that doesn’t make it easy (I really want to hear the information but also need to sleep!). I know that the Bonus is just for live listeners but any chance you could open it up to listeners living in time zones that make attending the live call difficult?!
    Many thanks for all the wonderful information you share, I really appreciate it.
    Siobhan x