A Brand New Thyroid Health Program Coming
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According to the organizers of International Thyroid Awareness Week, more than 300 million people worldwide are thought to suffer with a thyroid gland disorder.

You may not even be aware that your thyroid gland is out of whack. Even doctors have difficulty recognizing and treating thyroid disorders.

Your thyroid gland is the “command center” for your body, and when your command center is functioning correctly, you are fully in charge and fully charged!  And when it’s not, nothing in your body seems to feel right.

My Energy Recharge Coaching (ERC) program offers a step-by-step thyroid health module the guides you in determining whether you may have a thyroid issue and what to do about it.  I’ve had so many requests for this information from non-ERC members, that I will soon be opening a new LIVE program with all my thyroid health protocols to help you assess and support your thyroid.

The Thyroid Revive and Thrive Program

Thyroid Revive and Thrive - Thyroid Health Program

 If you have thyroid issues, and you’re looking for natural health wisdom combined with cutting-edge science, then watch for the unveiling of this new program!

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Thyroid Revive and Thrive ProgramThe upcoming program will include the following themes:

  • Part 1: Assess the Health of Your Thyroid
  • Part 2: How Your Thyroid Works and What Can Go Wrong
  • Part 3: Protecting Your Thyroid from Harm
  • Part 4: Foods, Herbs, and Nutrients For Thyroid Support
  • Part 5: Evaluating Your Thyroid Health Progress and Personalizing Your Plan

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