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GREEN Cleanse

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GREEN Cleanse - Fall DetoxEach year the light days of summer give way to crisp autumn breezes, leaves with their golden hues and crimson beauty, and — ACHOO! — tissue-soggying, phlegm-abundant flu season!

After a summer of succumbing to tempting BBQ food, patio pina coladas, and vacation indulgences, it’s easy for our immune systems to weaken, our digestion to clog up, and our hormones to go out of whack.  Before you know it, you’re attached to your kleenex box with your head hung over a vaporizer wishing you were outside among the colors enjoying the last warm days before winter instead of indoors feeling phlegmy and fatigued.

Fight the Flu With Fresh Greens!

It’s the perfect time to give your immune system a healthy boost!  The bounty of fall harvests means vegetables abound, and all you need to do is put them in your blender and sip away your flu-blues.  Not only can you improve your immunity, digestion, and hormones, but you can get into great shape before the pound-packing holidays arrive.

Fight Flu with Fresh Greens

Enjoy Instant Access to the First Call
“Lift-Off to a Cleaner, Greener You” and Learn:

  • GREEN Cleanse flu fighting immune boostingHow your body becomes toxic and your immune system compromised
  • How toxins affect hormones — the “messengers of life”
  • How toxins affect your digestion and immune system (making you susceptible to colds and flu)
  • Why cleansing will help you to restore your energy, improve your mood, and help you drop weight fast
  • How to choose the detox that’s right for you
  • detoxifying ingredientsWhich foods slow detox and which foods enhance it
  • How to maintain your energy while you maximize healing and cleansing
  • How to minimize the effects of withdrawal
  • AND… how cleansing can help you to rejuvenate, revitalize, and recharge your energy so you can look and feel vibrant and alive

While most people will be missing the warmth of the sun, you’ll be lightening up and loading up with toxin-tackling foods that are packed with the sun’s energy and light — GREENS!

No other food packs so much energy from the sun into every nourishing cell!  Imagine eating energy-packed food for just 7 days and feeling the difference.  When you take part in the GREEN Cleanse, you’ll be feeling the sun beams of butter lettuce and light rays of romaine!  It’s an opportunity to cleanse inside that will help you shine bright for the rest of the year!

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  1. Taris
    7 years ago

    Green cleans I am having a problem finding where to sign up. Please send me the information

    • Foxy Cole
      7 years ago

      Hi Taris. You can sign up at: go there now so you can still get the early bird! I’m doing the cleanse too, it’s going to be awesome.

  2. Maria
    7 years ago

    Get pregnant!

  3. 7 years ago

    Do more exercises and be more active.

  4. dalila
    7 years ago

    moro em campo grande, mato groso do sul , brasil
    gostaria de saber como faz a desintoxicação
    saudações pantaneiras

  5. Denise
    7 years ago

    Thanks for the invite! I am always eager to learn new ways to boost my energy>